First Response Chimney

This chimney is in need of a complete rebuild inside and out. Notice in the picture that there are slightly protruding mortar joints and some mortars have completely fallen out.

When this happens, heat and smoke get behind the flue and through the cracked mortar backing seeps through the bricks. This chimney is still in it’s original construction from 1955.

It’s noticeable some creosote that seeped through the face of the chimney.

A chimney from two courses below the roof flashing needs to be rebuilt. New bricks must be used as the integrity of the old bricks has been compromised. A new chimney will be built along with a crown with a 1.5″ drip edge custom built with 5000psi sakrete/sand mix reinforced with remesh. Water will run off the side of chimney, landing on the crown rather than running down the chimney preventing water penetration and future damage.