First Response Chimney

The crown was in disrepair and the flue liner was cracked. Crowns with cracks can leak water which can get into your home. Water also can leak behind the flue tiles causing separation and potential protruding mortar joints. When mortar joints protrude, there is potential to fall out which can also cause flue tiles to collapse allowing for buildup behind it. If your chimney presents with this issue, when we come sweep your chimney, there is no guarantee to get the debris in between this uneven surface.

Also, when the heat and smoke get behind the flue tiles, it can warm the bricks to a point that they can heat your roofing up as well as attic spaces causing a house fire.

If your chimney flue is cracked or you have protruding  mortar joints, it is recommended to get a complete relining with only the best products, BestFlex stainless steel liners. which we will insulate from the inside as well and will capped with a BestFlex stainless steel cap and top damper that is not only attractive, but much more energy efficient in preventing loss of heat when the fireplace isn’t in use.